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This is my first game Sugar Bombs; it’s based on a LSD trip. Its heavily influenced by adventure time. The main characters, tyrannosaurus the cat and vermicelli the rabbit have to fight these bad guys and reach the next area. It’s a platform shooter and there are four levels. You can get these weird as weapons like a rainbow cucumber, black hole chicken and person launcher. You have to fight enemies like the horseman, cupcake jellyfish and banana dolphin. You have to kill all these enemies, or simply run across the level avoiding them all and reach the portal to the next level. 

WARNING: do not hold shoot button when receiving a new weapon otherwise the shoot button will not work.

Player 1 controls:

Jump: W

Left: A

Right: D

Shoot: Space bar

Player 2 controls

Jump: Up key

Left: Left key

Right: Right key

Shoot: Number Pad 0

Install instructions

Download, Play.


2017_05_02_GAT130_Prototype_Ghan_Satjipanon.exe 2 MB

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